Ben Flajnik Talks Bachelor

The concept of the hit television show The Bachelor is almost every guys fantasy. You have 26 women who are all good looking and spend weeks fighting over you, I mean come on! Now, I realize that we are all addicted to shows that have “drama” because every hit show out there features it. The thing that has amazed me about this show recently is how the media is responding to Ben Flajnik’s actions. Outlets like E! and People grill Ben every day for the way that he deals with the girls and for “hooking up” with many of them. My question to you is, didn’t we set him up for this?

The media keeps saying that “Ben isn’t a good guy” and publicizing how many people he kissed during the show. This leads me to ask two questions. First, is this show about finding true love or is it for the entertainment of seeing people hook up on camera and the drama it ensues between hopelessly romantic girls? Second, what do we want as viewers? If we saw Ben refuse to kiss girls on set and wait until he had gotten to know them better the media would grill him for being soft. Can the dude win either way?

Finally and most importantly, can a show like The Bachelor really help someone find true love? I personally don’t think highly publicized weddings work out. My reasons for saying this, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and that The Bachelor weddings never last longer than a few months. Here is an exclusive interview I did with Ben. I leave it for you to decide if he is a good guy or not.

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