Jim Brickman

Even though he is currently on tour of over 40 cities in America, I was able to catch famed songwriter and pianist, Jim Brickman, long enough to listen to him play and ask about his inspirations.

Brickman was introduced to piano at the young age of five, even though no one else in his family had been musically inclined. Something about the piano attracted him to music, whether he saw a piano at a friend’s house, or the plastic keys on a keyboard, he knew he wanted to play.

I asked about his creative process and must admit his song writing methods really surprised me. Brickman explained his songs grow from concepts he wants to write about, and often titles the song before any words are written. I thought this seemed backwards until he explained the writing process behind his song, Gift. His work is wonderful to listen to and is a perfect way to relax during this busy time of year.

It was wonderful speaking with Jim, he is a really great guy and such a talented musician!

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