Grammy Nomination Concert

If you didn’t catch the Grammy nomination concert last night, here’s some highlights of what you missed.

Rapper Ludacris and country signer Jason Aldean performed a duet to Dirt Road Anthem. I have to say I loved seeing Luda go country, it was definitely unexpected and he wasn’t the only one experimenting musically as Aldean attempted some rapping as well!

The Band Perry, nominated for Best New Artist, performed a melody of their own song, Independence and Tom Petty’s Freefalling, to a screaming audience, showcasing their outstanding musical talent. While all the performances were tremendous everyone was excited to hear the nominations.

The awards categories have been streamlined and this year there will be 31 fewer Grammys than last year, 78 in total. Kanye West received the greatest number of nominations, seven in total with only one of the seven not in the rap genre. Adele and the Foo Fighters racked up six each, followed by Skrillex and Lil Wayne who each received five nominations.

Be sure to mark your calendars now for February 12th, when the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show airs on CBS.

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