The “Twilight” At The End Of The Tunnel

I have to say that over the years I have interviewed a fair number of celebrities. Though many of them are nice to the media during red carpet walks and photo shoots, they are generally not the nicest to their fans. This is counter intuitive though because it is the fans that make the celebrities, celebrities. I was starting to lose all hope on celebs until I attended the premiere of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn last night at the Buckhead Theater in downtown Atlanta.

Last night I saw the Twilight cast take a few minutes to really appreciate their fans. Specifically, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed did a great job of interacting with their followers. As Jackson was walking the red carpet, he decided before he did a single interview that he had to show some love to his eagerly waiting fans. Jackson hopped into the media pit and signed autographs with everyone waiting. He took many pictures and even kissed a few cheeks. I had never seen a star act this way. It was refreshing. Nikki Reed also took some time to catch up with her fans.

The highlight of the night was going inside to get some final shots of the festivities and to hear a little girl tell her mom that she had not only met Jackson Rathbone but also he had signed an autograph for her. She told her mom, “This has been the best night of my life.” Thanks Twilight cast! You have shown us that celebrities are real people too!

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