A Dog Dressed as What?!

With Halloween on the horizon and fast approaching I figured I should probably come up with a costume, and fast. A monster? A ghost? Maybe Rafael Nadal? I could carry a tennis racquet, and the ladies would all be after me all night!

I began my search for costume ideas online and somehow stumbled across Halloween pets.

This trend has hit Hollywood with Paris Hilton, Alissa Milano and Mischa Barton among the many celebrities who dress up their pets for the holiday. Paris’s pup is dressed as a duck, and Milano’s as Peter Pan.

Clearly I got distracted from finding a costume for myself when I discovered a woman’s whole livelihood has resulted from the infatuation of dressing up our pets. Ada Nieves has created a whole clothing line for small dogs and even rats! Her pet clothing line is based off of actual outfits celebrities have worn including Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Brittany Spears. There are even tuxedos and gowns, if a fancy event is coming up and you want your pet to be dressed as swanky as you.

If pets can now have better costumes than me, I really do need to step up my game this year.

Who has a great costume idea for @connjackson?! #halloween #ineedacostume

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